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USED45 is a young company situated in Rotterdam which focuses on selling and renting used 45ft high cube pallet wide containers. It offers you a range of 45ft standard containers, 45ft reefers, 45ft bulk containers or 45ft curtainside containers.

USED45 delivers these containers almost always from stock and it always has a suitable solution for you! We deliver used 45ft containers from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and several different countries all around the world. Quality and service is the norm. We will always take the extra step to meet your demands.

The containers which USED45 delivers have all been produced by the parent company UNIT45.  Therefor we as no other know the history of all these containers. One of the advantages of our 45ft containers is that they are built from Domex steel, which is stronger and lighter than the commonly used Corten steel. Due to that fact, most of our containers have a lower tare weight than the other available 45ft containers.

Besides the 45ft selection of used containers of USED45, our parent company UNIT45 offers you a large choice in new built and special containers with divers measurements. For more information visit website: www.unit45.com

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