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buy or rent a 45ft used curtainside container from USED45

Do you wish to purchase or rent a 45ft 9’6 container for transportation or storage? Buy or rent your high quality 45ft container from USED45.

This 45ft curtainsided unit, which can be loaded from three sides, now opens up an unconventional segment of road haulage and close-meshed distribution to containers. A patented base structure that eliminates the need for extreme pretensioning, ensures that the curtainsided unit has a side aperture height of 2394mm between its floor and toprail.

USED45 delivers 45ft high cube palletwide curtainside containers with new curtains, including the aluminium side boards, stanchions and wooden planks.

Advantages when you buy or rent from USED45 are:

  • the best quality 45ft curtainside available;
  • theft-proof curtains with heavy duty webbing;
  • compatible with 40ft infrastructure;
  • now XL approved for high speed trains.

45ft high cube palletwide containers can load up to 33 euro-pallets and 66 euro-pallets with our special double stack construction. See our loading examples and stacking schedule.


1. an ingenious design permits both conventional and sideways loading

2. the patented base structure gives maximum side opening height