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buy or rent a 45ft used reefer container from USED45

Do you wish to purchase or rent a 45ft 9’6 container refrigerated container for transportation or storage? Buy or rent your high quality 45ft reefer from USED45.

We deliver used 45ft 9’6 palletwide reefer containers from our head locations in Rotterdam and Moerdijk but also with help from our partners from various other locations all over the world. If required we can organize a PTI (pre trip inspection) rapport and a valid CSC certificate so you can be sure that the container is in excellent condition and can be used safely for international transportation. The 45ft reefer is the first reefer that can load up to 33 euro-pallets!

USED45 has different used reefer designs available:

  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide electric reefer
  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide diesel/electric reefer
  • 45ft 2.60 B x 2.95 H diesel/electric and electric reefer
  • 45ft 2.60 B x 3.08 H diesel/electric reefer
  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide electric with double stack
  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide diesel/electric with double stack
  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide electric with 2 compartiments
  • 45ft 9’6 palletwide electric with 3 compartiments
  • 45ft 9'6 diesel/electric reefer with 800 liter dieseltank

For all full measurements and more technical specifications check out our designs. These designs are optional equipped with a track and trace system. This way you can follow your equipment and where necessary make adjustments from a distance.

Are you curious what USED45 can do for you or if you wish an offer for used 45ft high cube pallet wide reefers, do not hesitate to contact us. We are please to assist you and we will provide you a suitable offer.

45ft high cube palletwide reefers can load up to 33 euro-pallets and equipped with our double stack can load up to 66 euro-pallets!

See our loading examples and stacking schedule.

1. built-in refrigeration system that saves cargo space

2. energy-saving technology guarantees maximum refrigeration capacity