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USED45 is your supplier for all special 45ft designs!

USED45 delivers several special designs of 45ft containers. All containers have their own purpose for which they were designed! All our special containers are fully certified and built complying all strict demands of UNIT45.

USED45 has the possibility to offer you bulk containers. These containers are specially designed to load bulk equipment. Transported in a liner bag or not, this type of container has steel roof hatches on the roof and a discharge hatch on the front of the container. The used bulk containers are available in 20ft, 30ft and 45ft size.

A different special 45ft design is the double-door container, were the container is equipped with doors on the front as well as on the back of the container. This enables you to load and unload on two sides, making transportation of long parts possible.

Also for the automotive sector USED45 has a few solutions; a standard 45ft with a TransRak system which enables transportation of cars in a 45ft high cube container using a special lifting system. Another special container is the VucaFrame, a patented carframe designed by UNIT45 in collaboration with Van Uden. This frame is based on a 40ft ISO size and can be used by all standard container transporters.

45ft high cube palletwide containers can load up to 33 euro-pallets and 66 euro-pallets with our special double stack system. See our loading examples and stacking schedule.

Are you curious what USED45 can do for you or if you wish an offer for used 45ft high cube pallet wide containers, do not hesitate to contact us. We are please to assist you and we will provide you a suitable offer.

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